Welcome to Satra Thai Son company

Along with the amazing development of the country in recent years, our industry has played an important role in our country economy. Our annual export turn-over in many fields such as: rice, coffee, and aquatic… has increased incessantly and creates wealth and materials for society, the quality of life for people has also increased.


About us


SATRA THAISON Joint Stock company (STS) is based on corporation between Thaison Group (Ministry of Defense) and Saigon Trading Group (SATRA).

Head office: No.3, 3/2 Street, Ward 11, District 10, HOCHIMINH City, Vietnam.

Tel: (84.8) 38181112

Fax: (84.8) 39291693


STS was established on August 07th, 2008 whose Business License is issued by Department of Planning and Investment Hochiminh City, and officially operated from October 01st, 2008. Our target includes expanding foreign investment, particularly Russia and Ukraine, Eastern Europe which are the main consumer markets of food and aquatic products from Vietnam, supporting for Vietnam’s enterprises to export seafood into these markets. Our company built bonded warehouse in Ukraine for own business and supporting Vietnamese enterprises to export many the goods to these markets so that the seafood can be exported quickly and safely. In addition, the goods can be transited into nearby Eastern European countries such as Poland, Hungary, Czech, Mondavi…We have set up customers system and maintain long-term relationship with  LLC Thaismex that have been creating distribution channel of seafood directly to consumers in Russia, Ukraine. To raise initiative from purchasing material to process finished products, stabilize source of supply and guarantee the quality of exported products, expand China’s market and develop dried seafood more in this market, branch of our company Satra Thaison Corp was also established in Cantho.

Main business scope:

  • Seafood processing and canning
  • Dried seafood processing and preserving
  • Dealing in steel scrap
  • Cultivating of vegetable, a sort of beans, flowers and ornamental plants, cashew nuts, pepper, rubber tree, coffee tree
  • Breeding of pigs and poultry (not operating at head office)
  • Operating of service of forestry
  • Exploiting of fishing aquiculture, aquiculture of brackish water
  • Processing, preserving of meat and products from meat; fruit and vegetable; oil producing and canning , animal fat, vegetation; producing of many types of cakes from flour; producing of food for cattle, poultry and aquiculture; producing of beverage no alcohol, mineral (not operating at head office)
  • Producing of footgear (except erasing, dying, gluing, printing; recycling of waste stuff, tan, processing of used products (not operating at head office)
  • Sawing, shaving and preserving of wood; producing of plywood, veneer (not operating at head office)
  • Exploiting, treating and supplying of water system; sewerage and treating of waste disposal
  • House constructing
  • Dealing in cars and motor vehicle, motorcycle and motorbike
  • Agents, agencies, auction
  • Dealing in agriculture, forestry resources (except wood, bamboo) and livestock (not dealing in wildlife listed in International treaties that Vietnam signed, not dealing in other valuable and rare animals); rice, foodstuff, beverage, domestic tobacco, pipe tobacco, textile, garments, suitcase, bags, wallets, leather and leatherette stuffs, perfumes, cosmetics, chemicals (except pharmaceutical products); electrical goods, lamp, furniture and home decoration; books, newspapers, magazines (circulated content), office stationery, sport instruments (except guns and rudimentary weapon); machines, devices and parts for agriculture machine; iron and steel
  • Retailing foods, beverage, domestic tobacco, pipe tobacco
  • Fuel and gas agents

Structure of organizational company:

A. Block office: - Board of General Director - Office Company - Accounting Finance Department - Sales Department- Marketing Department- Northern Agricultural Products Sales.